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Portmarnock Vet Clinic is equipped with up to date equipment. It is a modern veterinary practice. We possess all of the equipment you would expect to find in a progressive vet clinic. We keep abreast of new developments in the veterinary field, using new drugs and techniques when they become available to increase the chance of your pet living a long and active life.

We continuously invest in new technologies to ensure we can provide the best possible care. We offer a complete diagnostic and curative service under one roof.



In-House Laboratory

Portmarnock Veterinary Clinic has a fully equipped laboratory on-site, allowing us to produce important test results in a fast and efficient manner for effective diagnosis and treatment. Access to quick results is particularly important in emergency cases.

Our in-house laboratory gives us the ability to offer a number of services. These include:

Blood Biochemistry Analysis
Blood Haematology
Urinalysis Microscopy
Skin Scrapings Cytology
Fine Needle Aspirates
Feline AIDS And Leukaemia Testing
Lung Worm Testing Faecal Analysis

Titre Testing

A titre test is a blood test which determines whether your pet has enough antibodies to protect itself against viruses for which it has previously been vaccinated against. Some cats and dogs are covered for life after their first vaccination. This allows us to avoid over-vaccination of your pet.

Digital X-Rays

Our digital x-ray suite gives us clear photos of the bones structure and internal organs of you pet. We can produce high quality images and view them immediately and if necessary send them to specialists for second opinion quickly. This is especially important in emergency cases.


We have a modern, well equipped kennel room with comfortable secure kennels. Wherever possible, we try to keep cats away from dogs. The kennel walls are made of robust brick which provides some insulation in winter and cuts down on the noise that you have with the usual stainless steel kennels. We try to make your pets’ stay as pleasant as possible. They are usually upset by the strange environment and we give remedies to help settle them. Our nurses are highly trained and with it being a small practice they get a lot of individual attention. We monitor them closely and use an infusion pump for the administration of intravenous fluids when required.


In addition to x-rays Portmarnock vet clinic has access to an ultrasound scanner which complements x-ray and allows us to examine internal organs in a non invasive manner. We don't usually have to sedate your pet. It is used very effectively to diagnose and manage heart problems.


As of April 2016, all pets in Ireland must be microchipped or you risk a fine of €5000 or imprisonment. The microchip is registered to you will enable a safe return, should your pet go missing or escape. It is important that you update your pets details on the database for this reason. We provide a microchipping service which is stress free and painless. We can check your pet's chip and registration details free of charge and advise on how to update them.

Cancer Treatment

We provide holistic care to help your pets own body to fight the cancer on its own.


Whilst we appreciate the importance of vaccination, we offer a unique approach and are aware of the pitfalls of over-vaccination. We take every case at its own merits and can help owners to weigh up the risks against the benefits of vaccination. We provide an option to only repeat the vaccines that are absolutely necessary.


Our consultations are very important as it is during a consultation that we can establish what the problem is, if any and make a plan on investigating further or deciding on a treatment plan. We listen very carefully and we believe that owners know their pets and have their best interests at heart. We talk through our thought processes so that owners can make informed decisions for their pets wellbeing and lifestyle and their own budget. First consultations last 30 minutes, longer than in most other clinics.

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