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Portmarnock Veterinary Clinic can provide a full range of surgical procedures in the treatment of your pet, ranging from routine surgery to more complex, life-saving procedures. When using anaesthesia, we ensure that we strictly adhere to the highest levels of safety standards during the induction, maintenance and monitoring of your pets anaesthesia. Pre-anaesthetic blood tests will be provided for at-risk pets. We also use remedies to calm your pet to ensure a smooth induction and to reduce bruising and bleeding. This makes wounds more comfortable and we have fewer post operative complications.

Our staff are fully trained and up to date on all current surgical techniques and our facilities are equipped with some of the latest, most innovative technologies. We are a small clinic and have time to monitor your pets, ensuring they are warm and comfortable in recovery. We talk to them and try to feed them before they go home as we recognise the importance of nutrition in healing. We also can empathise with the fact that they have been fasted pre-surgery and are probably pretty hungry by the time they come round.


A lot of veterinary clinics have to refer bone and joint surgery, however, at Portmarnock Veterinary Clinic we are able to do them in-house. We can treat traumatic injuries such as fractures, as well as a wide range of joint diseases surgically on the premises.


Dental health can influence organ function as well as cause pain. Periodental decay for example is a common cause of heart and kidney problems. We offer a full dentistry service for your pets which ranges from general dental health checks and cleaning to the removal or teeth which have become un-restorable due to decay. We offer a preventive scheme and can advise on how to maintain healthy teeth and gums.

Routine Surgery

We can perform all types of routine surgical procedures from neutering to lump removal in a safe and efficient manner. We use adequate pain relief pre and post surgery. It is important to monitor any lumps you may find on your pet and bring them to our attention so we can advise whether removal is necessary to prevent spread. The holistic approach is also useful in building up the immunity of your pet ahead of surgery. The health and wellbeing of your pet is of the utmost priority and we ensure that all surgeons are highly competent and experienced.

Emergency Surgery

In the unfortunate event that your pet is injured or requires emergency life saving surgery we can do it in house. Our competent surgeons are experienced in removing gastrointestinal foreign bodies, performing splenectomies and suturing wounds of all types. We can perform blood transfusions and our nurses are experienced in providing critical care. With the holistic support our recovery and survival rates from severe trauma and life threatening conditions are exceptional.



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